This is the OFFICIAL FULLY SANCTIONED online companion for the infamous book Class of 88 – The True Acid House Experience by Wayne Anthony. The book was first published by Virgin Books in 1998 and quickly became the Book of the Month in major stores such as HMV, Virgin and Our Price. The famous Foyles bookstore in Convent Garden dedicated an entire window to the book for a month. Wayne Anthony has done numerous interviews over the years and appeared in countless documentaries. At the last count Wayne Anthony and / or Genesis’88 has been mentioned in over forty published titles. Class of 88 is considered a cult status book which went out of print many moons ago. This created a mini market as Amazon affiliates in America began selling the title for up to $2,000 whilst in the UK Class of 88 sells from £10-£1,000. 



Class of 88 Book Cover


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